Scouts for the Rescue from Muhannad lamin on Vimeo.

In the Gaddafi years, there was little to divert Libyan youth, or for us to get involved in. For me the Scouts was the only place that I could release my energy, and where I could spend time doing something that was both fun and at the same time mattered.

Post-revolutionary Libya brings a very difficult and important time for young people. An over-abundance of weapons, easily obtainable drugs, and tribal conflicts are tearing the country apart. I feel that it is up to Libya’s youth to save the country, or not allow it to be destroyed.

My story is about a Cub Scout leader who is trying to create some normality and order in a place that is still suffering from the scars of the war. I wanted to show the small things that I think are important in life, and which have a great impact on the life of a child. Things that are especially important at this moment in Libya’s history. I wanted to show that there is always hope in a new generation, and that if we take care to protect the young, they could save Libya.

Drugs End Your Life - المخدرات تنهي حياتك (by ToGoTo NGO)

awareness campaign to stop the torture in libya made by (TOGOTO MEDAI) for the libyan ministry of justice .
فيديو من انتاج مجموعة توقوتو الاجل التوعية لايقاف التعذيب في السجون

Stop Torture !! 

A public awareness video i shot and edited with ToGoTo Group made for the ministry of justice .

80 - by Muhannad Lamin

A Short Animated documentary was in the finals of Tropfest Arabia Competition .

Every year in Tropfest there is a different simple that you must put in your film in any way that you want , in order they know the film was made for the festival . This year’s simple was “2” .

The film :

A man tell the story of 2 days in his life , the day he went to prison , and the day he broke out .

(Source: 80byMuhannadLamin)

17 February Celebration , Tripoli, 2012

17 February Celebration , Tripoli, 2012

Libyat Title Sequence "behance Page:

details about the title sequence i made for a TV show , inspirations , references , sketches and all in this page .

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