Drugs End Your Life - المخدرات تنهي حياتك (by ToGoTo NGO)

Stop Torture !! 

A public awareness video i shot and edited with ToGoTo Group made for the ministry of justice .

80 - by Muhannad Lamin

A Short Animated documentary was in the finals of Tropfest Arabia Competition .

Every year in Tropfest there is a different simple that you must put in your film in any way that you want , in order they know the film was made for the festival . This year’s simple was “2” .

The film :

A man tell the story of 2 days in his life , the day he went to prison , and the day he broke out .

(Source: 80byMuhannadLamin)

17 February Celebration , Tripoli, 2012

17 February Celebration , Tripoli, 2012

Libyat Title Sequence "behance Page:

details about the title sequence i made for a TV show , inspirations , references , sketches and all in this page .

Enjoy :)

This is a Title sequence i made for a Libyan TV series called (( Libyat Free ))